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At Rayes Boiler Company, we design and manufacture quality boilers and support systems for, breweries, schools, apartments, industrial applications, greenhouses, and more. The Rayes Boiler Firebox Series is fully packaged and designed to offer maximum energy efficiency at minimum cost. This is a great economical selection for a retrofit or upgrade of an existing boiler room.

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The Rayes Boiler is factory test-fired and hydro tested at 60 psi to Hartford Steam Boiler standards. It has an 85% efficiency rating. The Rayes Boiler is reliable, easily maintained and has saved property owners over half the cost of their gas bill.

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3rd July 2015

Chicago Comes Through For Cold Nuns

(CBS) – It’s been an incredible week of change for a group of Chicago-based nuns, who just days ago were freezing in a West Side church.As CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports, things have improved, thanks to the kindness of strangers. One week ago, the last boiler bit it, and temperatures plunged at Fraternite Notre Dame in the city’s Austin neighborhood. The holy water in the sanctuary literally froze. Then, Sister Marie Valerie told CBS

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